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Six marriages. Six heartbreaks. One shared beginning.


I can’t say I know how Sheryl Sandberg feels about losing her husband at such a young age. Everyone gets hijacked by different emotions. But the Associated Press asked me to talk about it, and the article has run in some 50 newspapers in the last few days, as other young widows and I comment. This cheeky picture of the Saturday Night Widows illustrates this story, conveying, I hope, that friendship and laughter can help to heal.

Young widows speak out about managing grief, seeking support
Nine days after her husband died unexpectedly, Sheryl Sandberg took to Facebook to describe her return to the sidelines for her daughter's soccer game. There, a grandmother who had been widowed prematurely years earlier offered her a chair.

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Celebrating Tara’s birthday yesterday with Lesley and Denise, all of us united behind the sentiment on Lesley’s T-shirt: “These are the days.”

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