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Six marriages. Six heartbreaks. One shared beginning.


Sometimes I realize I’ve described myself as a widow even though I’m remarried. I see why people find this disconcerting, but it makes sense to me. In this affecting and nuanced essay, Jill Smolowe, who’s in the same boat, talks about striking a balance between moving forward after a loss and holding treasured memories close. Looking forward and looking back – I’ve found it takes both.

A Surprising Way to Handle Grief
The author asks why she should “get over it” when it’s a powerful reminder of love.

Tue 4pm

How to handle a second wedding -- go big or keep it small? Katie Couric had 50 guests in her backyard this weekend. I had homemade food for 60 on my back porch for mine. I wanted to keep it simple, but if people want the full show, why not?

Tue 4pm