Off The Cliff Media Coverage

NPR Book Review, How Thelma & Louise Drove Hollywood ‘Off The Cliff’
7/2/17  Read Article

WNYC, The Takeaway, ‘Off the Cliff’: A New Book Looks at the Unique Hollywood Legacy of Thelma and Louise
6/30/17  Listen to the interview 

People, Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise: Inside the Making of One of Hollywood’s Steamiest Sex Scenes
6/27/17  Read Article

Time, How Thelma & Louise Changed Hollywood
7/13/2017  Read Article

Entertainment Weekly, Best New Books

Jezebel, Imagine Thelma and Louise, But with Robert Downey Jr. Instead of Brad Pitt
6/27/17  Read Article

Vulture, Brad Pitt’s Breakout Role in Thelma and Louise Almost Went to Robert Downey Jr.
6/26/17  Read Article

AARP, Off The Cliff: How The Making of Thelma & Louise Drove Hollywood to the Edge
July Issue

New York Daily News, ‘Off the Cliff’ reveals how ‘Thelma & Louise’ raised hell in Hollywood
6/17/17  Read Article

LA Weekly, The Day Hollywood Almost Said No to Making Thelma & Louise
6/26/17  Read Article

The National, Why the golden era for women in film is yet to come
6/21/17  Read Article

Parade, What to Watch, Rent or Buy
6/17/17  Read Article

BBC Culture, Ten Books to Read in June
6/2/17  Read Article

Broadly, Excerpt
5/24/17  Read Excerpt

Paste Magazine, In Off the Cliff, Becky Aikman Talks Thelma & Louise While Tackling Hollywood’s Misogyny
6/30/17  Read Article

Think on Kera, How “Thelma & Louise” Redefined The Roles Of Women In Hollywood
7/12/17  Listen to Podcast

Read It Forward, The Truth Behind Thelma & Louise
6/27/17  Read Article

Signature, What Movie Studios Today Can Learn from ‘Thelma & Louise’
6/26/17  Read Article

Decider, Almost 30 Years Later, ‘Thelma & Louise’ Can Still Shock an Audience
7/25/17  Read Article

Salt Lake City Weekly, Driving Force
7/12/17  Read Article

Salt Late Tribune, New book chronicles how ‘Thelma & Louise’ bucked the system and made the leap to screen immortality
7/14/17  Read Article

The Dallas Morning News, Thelma, Louise and Hollywood’s eternal problem of gender equality
7/5/17  Read Article

Desert News, Aikman’s latest book delves into the ‘Thelma & Louise’ melee of the ’90s
7/12/17  Read Article

Buffalo News, Hollywood still hasn’t caught up to ‘Thelma & Louise’
7/13/17  Read Article

Saturday Night Widows Media Coverage

Katie Couric Show, Part I, A Group of Young Widows Become Best Friends
3/12/13  View Video

Katie Couric Show, Part II, Six Widows Learn to Love and Live Again
3/12/13  View Video

The Washington Post, Book World: ‘Saturday Night Widows’ is rich with wisdom, humor and anguish
3/29/13  View Article

The Wall Street Journal, Proactive Advice for Dealing With Grief: Seek Out New Experiences
2/25/14  Read Article

CBS This Morning Show, Widows join forces to move forward after grief
1/23/13  View Video

USA Today, ‘Saturday Night Widows’: Not a normal support group
1/21/13  Read Article

The Los Angeles Times, Op-Ed: The Widow of Downton Abbey
1/5/14  Read Article by Becky Aikman

O, The Oprah Magazine, Review
February 2013 Issue  Read Article

Elle Magazine, Review
February 2013 Issue  Read Article

People Magazine, Review
2/18/13 Issue  Read Article

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Review
1/12/14  Read Article

Salon, My holiday shakeup: How my mom and I made our own traditions after loss.
12/24/13  Read Article by Becky Aikman

Good Housekeeping, Review
February 2013 Issue  Read Article

Reader’s Digest, Review
Janaury 2013 Issue  Read Article

Time, Q&A: Merry Widows and Some Surprising Truths about Grief
1/30/13  Read Article

The Brian Lehrer Show, Widowhood: Moving Forward
2/18/13  Listen to Stream

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Joined in losses they have found sisterhood together
3/10/13  Read Article

Pittsburgh Today Live, Saturday Night Widows Author Becky Aikman,
9/11/13  View Video

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Widow offers on transitions for United Way campaign
9/5/13  Read Article

Chatelaine Magazine, Six Best New Books to Read This March
9/1/13  Read Article, Becky Aikman’s ‘Saturday Night Widows’ Chronicles Life After Loss
2/13/13  Read Article

The Reading Eagle, For widows, there’s strength in numbers,
4/18/13 Read Article

Huffington Post Travel, ‘Saturday Night Widows’ Highlights Widow’s First Trip Since Husband’s Death (BOOK EXCERPT)
2/11/13  Read Article

The Couch, CBS New York, ‘Saturday Night Widows’ Depicts Story Of Local Women Bonding Over Personal Tragedy
1/30/13  Read Article

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Widow’s book tells how she recovered, rebuilt life
2/19/13  Read Article

Hunterdon Review, Tewksbury resident among 6 women featured in new memoir, ‘Saturday Night Widows’
1/30/13  Read Article

The Courier-News, Author of a new book about the grieving process
1/30/13  Read Article

The New York Post, Widows work it out
1/26/13  Read Article

Huffington Post 50, Becky Aikman’s ‘Saturday Night Widows’ Takes Us on a Journey Through Widowhood (Excerpt)
1/25/13  Read Article

The L Magazine, In Brooklyn, Even the Trash Piles are Shorter
1/25/13  Read Article,Widowed Women Who Achived Greatness After Loss
1/20/13  Read Article

Bill Goldstein-Bill’s Books, Channel 4, NBC New York
1/19/13 View Video